How to Choose a Coworking Space

how to choose the perfect coworking space

Finding the right spot to get work done is quite difficult. You find a cute coffee shop that serves the best lattes; however, the noise and chatter distract you from actually getting your work done. The loud discussions are something maybe a croissant can fix but… where are you going to plug in your laptop charger? Figuring out how to choose a coworking space can become easy if you keep in mind some important criteria.

1. ) Environment

Despite how cute the coffee shop is, that sort of environment isn’t one that actively encourages productivity. Coworking spaces are created specifically to provide that space that is hard to acquire. Good environments include the types of desks or chairs that create comfort and allow you to excel in the work you are doing. Comfortability is key, and with a coworking space, the environment should bring you that.

Here are some aspects you should look for:

  • Comfortable seating (chairs/couches)
  • Desks (personal/varies in space)
  • Rooms (meeting/office)
  • Good vibes! (interior design)

2.) Accessibility

When making the decision to ditch the coffee shop, the coffee isn’t something you have to leave behind! Successful coworking spaces think ahead and go out of their way to provide the best accessibilities for the individuals working there. Working long hours? Grab a cup of coffee. Instead of worrying about where you can access these tools, you can put all your focus towards your work itself!

In addition to beverages, other forms of accessibilities include electronic resources. Most coworking spaces are up to date with the best WiFi to ensure work can be done in a timely fashion without any internet issues. Printers, copy machines, and much more can be provided to you in a single coworking space. As you are looking and thinking about how you are going to choose a coworking space, keep in mind the specific things that space has to offer, whether it is coffee or speedy internet.

Here are some aspects you should look for:

  • Coffee!
  • Outlets
  • WiFi
  • Printer
  • Copier

3.) Connection

When you are in a coworking space, you are bound to be surrounded by a variety of different people. No matter how different your work is from another’s, you are brought together through this coworking space. When looking for a coworking space, think about what kind of people you want to be around that will promote growth.

Aside from the social networking aspect, a form of social connection is brought through coworking spaces. With COVID-19 and many individuals being restricted to their homes for work, finding a coworking space can provide even a little bit more of that social interaction. There are all sorts of people you can encounter such as remote workers, students, freelancers, travelers, and more. You have the ability to grow yourself as you surround yourself with a variety of individuals.

Despite the promotion of socialization, there is just as much promoting towards individual work. With personal rooms to use as an office, alone time is just as accessible without any distraction from others around you. The best thing about coworking spaces is that you have the choice.

4.) Productivity

Above all, you want to find a place where you can actually get your work done! Ultimately, when looking for a coworking space, you have to keep in mind what works for you. Environment, accessibility, and connection are all factors that can improve productivity. Feeling comfort and inspiration are things that can elevate you and your work. The purpose of a coworking space should be to provide you with the comfortability and the tools you need and aid in expanding your social ties. These aspects all coincide to improve your work, soo make sure to keep them in mind when selecting a coworking space!

What to Gather

If you consider these 4 main factors when looking for a coworking space, you are bound to find your perfect match. Not everyone will share the same needs within these factors! What works for you is special to you as an individual. Take the time to think about what YOU need from an environment, what YOU want to access, how YOU want to connect, and of course how productive YOU want to be.

Finally, we hope these few tips help you with how to choose a coworking space that suits your desires!